A Mountain Ranch

In 1882, Edward Mullin homesteaded a 160 acre piece of land on the Rincon between the Bates Ranch at what is now known as Rincon Point and Punta, which is now more commonly known as Mussel Shoals.

The Mullin Ranch encompassed land from the ocean to Rincon Mountain with the original ranch house and barn in the vicinity of the current refinery just north of the community of La Conchita on a light plateau above the beach. Edward and his wife Nettie raised two girls who helped with the cattle, lima bean crops and tending to the general operation of the ranch. In those days the only way to civilization was by horseback or coach along the beach and only at low tides. The journey was treacherous and only made twice a year.

They raised cattle on the mountain and grew lima beans on the lower hillsides and the lower plains above the beach. In the forth photo, you can see rows of crops all the way down to what is now known as Mussel Shoals. The community of La Conchita now occupies this area along the coast. In those days land was free for the taking. All you had to do was agree to occupy and improve it. How much things have changed in just a few generations. We often ride our horses along some of the old trails they must have traversed above the ranch as thousands of commuters drive by along the 101 freeway and think about how simple life must have been. #thesaltranch #oldcalifornia #rinconcalifornia