Salt Ranch

SR x No. 1927 Water of the Little Hawk Ring


We wanted to create a collection of jewelry that was inspired by the beauty and history of the place we call home. This first edition collection is a collaboration with our friend and metalsmith, Roque Tang (No. 1927).

Water of the Little Hawk is named after one of the primary water sources for the Chumash people who inhabited what is now Ventura, CA for thousands of years.

The turquoise in this ring is sourced from the Royston mine in Nevada. Royston turquoise can occur anywhere from a light powder blue through a vibrant emerald green. Rare specimens of this stone will show a transition of color across the material, blending blues and greens. These blended stones are precious and are often the most valuable.

This very limited edition ring is handmade and each one is one of a kind.

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